Slimline Steel Water Tanks

Prices on our entire range of Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks are set to increase as of the 1st of August, due to rising operational costs.
To secure our current special sale pricing, simply place your order before the end of July*. Please browse our extensive range below for all the information and contact our friendly team today.

Genuine Aquaplate Steel Slimline Water Tanks
Below is a selection of our more popular Geniune Aquaplate Steel Slimline Water Tanks, complete with capacity (litres) as well as the dimensions (length, width and height in millimetres). Of course, one of the great advantages of a Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tank is the ability to customise their dimensions. 

Whether it's one of the models below, or a set of special dimensions that you have in mind, please don't hesitate to contact the friendly Southern Tanks team today on 1300 595 563 or for a no-obligation quote or further information. We're here to help! 
1000 Litres To 8000 Litres

Model            Capacity          Length         Width        Height

SS10               1000 Litres     1160mm    630mm     1640mm

SS11               1100 Litres     1600mm    630mm     1250mm

SS17               1700 Litres     1600mm    630mm     1870mm
SS20               2000 Litres     2000mm     630mm    1870mm

SS23               2300 Litres     1900mm    720mm     1870mm

SS30               3000 Litres     2400mm    720mm     1870mm

SS40               4000 Litres     2600mm    900mm     1870mm   

SS50               5000 Litres     2600mm   1150mm   1870mm

SS60               6000 Litres     3000mm   1150mm   1870mm

SS70               7000 Litres     3500mm   1160mm   1870mm

SS80               8000 Litres     3950mm   1160mm   1870mm
* To secure the current special pricing simply place your order by the close of business 31/7/17. No deposit required.
Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks
July Specials (until 31/7/17*)

Normally                       July Price

$1212 Inc GST           $1009 Inc GST

$1298 Inc GST           $1079 Inc GST

$1672 Inc GST           $1392 Inc GST

$1725 Inc GST           $1420 Inc GST

$1754 Inc GST           $1462 Inc GST

$2065 Inc GST           $1720 Inc GST

$2565 Inc GST           $2234 Inc GST

$2834 Inc GST           $2361 Inc GST

$3228 Inc GST           $2794 Inc GST

$3548 Inc GST           $3083 Inc GST

$3986 Inc GST           $3411 Inc GST
Free Delivery of your tank (large or small) direct to your property within 120km of Adelaide's CBD.
How To Order
To place an order or for more information, please contact the friendly Southern Tanks team today.
1300 595 563
We're here to help.
What is Aquaplate Steel?
Aquaplate has been designed by Bluescope Steel specifically for use in the construction of quality water tanks. The internal surface of the tank is bonded with a food grade polymer lining, which protects the metal of the tank from possible corrosion and sees the tank suitable for the long-term containment of potable (drinking) water, as per the Australian Standard (AS 4020). 
As well as providing the traditional corrugated aesthetics, our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks come with the peace of mind of a full 20 Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty. 
Free Inclusions With All Steel Tanks
$85 worth of fittings supplied FREE of charge with every tank!
25mm heavy duty brass BSP outlet, Watermarked (Council approved) ball valve, inlet strainer with 0.9mm stainless steel mesh, and a quality overflow device (with 0.9mm stainless steel mesh).
These fittings can be located in the positions of your choosing. We will pre-fit them at the factory, free of charge.
Why Choose A Southern Tanks Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tank?
Genuine Bluescope Aquaplate Steel

Made in South Australia

Traditional Aesthetics


Peace Of Mind

Free Delivery
All of our round and slimline steel water tanks are manufactured from Genuine Bluescope Aquaplate Steel. Quality is assured.

All Southern Tanks water tanks, including our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks, are manufactured right here in South Australia with South Australian conditions in mind.

All Southern Tanks Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks come with the unmistakable charm of traditional corrugated aesthetics. A timeless look synonymous with the Australian landscape.

Unlike tanks made from other materials, our Genuine Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks can be tailor-made to fit your dimensional requirements. Whether it's the diameter (footprint) or height that's the challenge, we'll have a solution for you.

Each and every Southern Tanks Genuine Bluescope Aquaplate Steel Water Tank is backed by a full 5 Year Warranty on the tank's construction and a full 20 Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty on the Bluescope Steel itself. Peace of mind is assured.

No delivery fees! We deliver free of charge to your property within a 120 kilometre radius of Adelaide's CBD.

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